3 Budgeting Tips For Your Home Renovation In Sydney

3 Budgeting Tips For Your Home Renovation In Sydney

In our years of providing home renovations in Sydney, we’ve heard many unique and effective budgeting tactics from our clients in anticipation of their projects. A home renovation in Sydney is more than just a tidy-up, it’s an investment, an opportunity to rejuvenate your living space to reflect you and your particular tastes more aptly.


When conducted properly by trained professionals, a remodel can add tremendous value and reinvigorate an old property into a modern masterpiece. We’ve seen what is possible firsthand in our many years of providing expert home renovations in Sydney, and we never get tired of seeing the results speak for themselves.


For many homeowners in the city and around the country – the largest factor of consideration when considering a home renovation is not the style, supplies, or even the colours – but the budget itself. It can be daunting to consider the various elements that comprise a successful project, so planning and budgeting from day one are essential.


This blog piece will be going over a few of our favourite ways to save and budget for a home renovation in Sydney.


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3 Budgeting Tips For A Sydney Home Renovation


1) Get A Quote Early & Aim Toward It

One of the best ways you can save for a home renovation in Sydney is by knowing where you’re aiming. Often this can be in the form of calculating the costs yourself or getting a professional quote drawn up in the early stages.

This doesn’t have to be ironclad, after all, tastes and ideas can manifest and change throughout the proceedings. However, having a guesstimate idea of the total rough costs for your project gives you an attainable goal to begin saving towards.

At Double Diamond Construction, we have always stood by our mission of providing bespoke and tailored quotes for our clients to ensure that their budget is taken into account along with their vision.

The Australian government has some wonderful tactics for setting savings goals, and they have come in handy for clients in the past so we can recommend starting there.

2) Focus On Priority Rooms First

The adage ‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew’ certainly applies to home renovations. Completing an entire house remodel can be time-consuming and expensive and we understand that not everyone has the capital on-hand. With this in mind, we’d recommend focusing on the rooms that you truly have a vision and passion for renewing and remodeling.

Bathrooms and kitchens are undoubtedly the most popular and versatile rooms that people tend to focus on initially.

3) Utilise The Existing Plumbing

One way to dramatically cut costs in a home renovation in Sydney is to consider utilising the existing setups and plumbing. The cost of replacing and adjusting the existing plumbing and electrical setups can be cumbersome for homeowners who are remodeling on a tighter budget. Always remember that there are a number of ways to utilise the existing fundamentals of a house/apartment and still receive a brand-new look and feel.

Another benefit to using the existing plumbing besides the budget is the time saved on the work being conducted – which is a win for everyone!


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