The team at Double Diamond Construction has over 15 years of experience completing stunning home renovation projects around Sydney and Regional New South Wales. We have an uncompromising passion for helping Sydney homeowners turn houses into true homes.

Whether you’re eager to refresh high-value rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, invest in an extension to your property, or want to pursue a complete home renovation, our team has you covered. We’ll work closely with you through the entire process of design, planning, and execution to ensure you get the result you desire without breaking your budget or dealing with stressful delays.

Believe us when we say we thoroughly understand Sydney’s construction industry and what it takes to navigate complex projects of any size. From getting the necessary Council Approval to sourcing materials and managing the construction phase, we’ll stand by you every step of the way.



As a well-established, Sydney-based construction company with a team of fully qualified building experts, we provide a comprehensive range of construction services to both residential and commercial property owners. We offer both partial and complete home renovations for Sydney properties, as well as specialist bathroom renovationskitchen renovations, and property maintenance services.


We complete all building and construction work to the very highest standards. As fully qualified and insured builders, you can trust us to follow all relevant industry guidelines and regulations when we are renovating or extending your home.


Don’t just take our word for it; see our track record of home renovation projects in Sydney and judge our work for yourself.



If you’re looking for a specialist in bathroom and kitchen renovations in Sydney, look no further. We understand the added cost and complexity that comes with updating these areas of the home.


Our team’s impeccable attention to detail ensures nothing is missed during the design process and that all of the improvements you want meet the scope you’ve outlined.

Client Reviews

Gabriella saliba
Gabriella saliba
The team are absolute machines, they are pristine with their work, great to deal with and get the job done on time. I will be praising their name to everyone that needs builders
Ellie Chung
Ellie Chung
I had the kitchen renovated, tiles replaced and a fresh coat paint on the walls and ceilings in a small, rundown unit with Double Diamond Construction and it looks so much more spacious and refreshed. Mustapha was very accommodating and kept me in the loop throughout the whole process. I have never had any type of renovations done before and he made sure to walk me through every step and what to expect. I plan on upgrading the bathroom in the near future and I will be sure to reach out to Double Diamond Construction again!
miranda Liu
miranda Liu
Double diamond construction has recently painted through my house and polished the floor for us. We are very happy with the results. I would be happy to recommend Double diamond construction.
Gom 123
Gom 123
Professional, reliable, and kept me well-informed along the way of my bathroom reno. A pleasure to deal with, and love the end result!
Judith Enever
Judith Enever
DDC just gutted and replaced 2 old and leaking bathrooms in an old timber house and the transformation is amazing. They did the little extras that I thought of along the way. Nothing was a problem. I recommend them.
Ibrahim Fahmi
Ibrahim Fahmi
I found Double Diamond to be very professional and punctual and would highly recommend them to anyone looking at renovating their property.



As reported by Architecture & Design Australia, around 50% of all house renovations cost between $40,000 to $300,000 or more, depending on a variety of factors. Geographic location is one of the most impactful cost factors, and in NSW, the average renovation cost comes to $66,000.

If those numbers sound steep, don’t be disheartened. These are just averages, and depending on the scope of your project, you may pay significantly less. Speak to us so we can give you a realistic estimate for the result you desire.

The common rule of thumb you always hear is to spend no more than 5-10% of your property’s current value on home additions and renovations. This rule is just a guide and is more important for investors who want to resell and avoid overcapitalising on renovation work. If you’re renovating your primary residence, you can feel free to spend as much as you think is reasonable to get the desired result.

In general, a renovation is almost always going to be cheaper than building a new house since you are working with a foundation that already exists. However, in some cases building a small new house may be cheaper than renovating a significantly large property. It all depends on the relative cost of materials and labour.

Home renovations, when well-designed and executed, can significantly increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Cost-efficient home renovations are one of the ways that property investors turn a profit. However, if you’re not worried about selling and want to build a dream home perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences, then how worthwhile a renovation will be will come down to your subjective feelings.


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